A control system is a device (thermostat) or set of devices to manage, command, direct or regulate the behaviour of other devices or systems (heating/air conditioning units). There are two common classes of control systems: sequential controls and feedback controls.
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Enernet T9000 Series Wireless
Fan Coil Thermostat

Air Turnover Units

An air turnover system draws in cool air from the floor and surrounding areas. The cool air is then pulled up through the
unit and heated as it passes over an indirect-fired heat exchanger. While air turnover units are primarily used in heating applications,
the equipment can also be fitted with mechanical cooling.


Infra Red Tube Heaters

Infra red tube heaters are low intensity, gas-fired, and are typically used in loading dock applications such as warehouses and service bays.
Replacement Coils

Precision Coils specializes in manufacturing competitively priced, precision engineered replacement and OEM coils.

Booster Coils

Chilled Water Coils

Condenser Coils

Evaporator Coils

Hot Water Coils

Steam Coils

Rooftop Units

Roof top units provide heated (and sometimes cooled) air to a conditioned space. Roof top units can be configured for minimum ventilation standards or they can be configured for 100% outside air

Unit Heaters
PTACs - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners.

PTACs - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) are completely self contained heating and cooling systems. The classification “decentralized system” is often used as this system does not necessarily require a central heating and/or cooling plant to function.
Fluid Coolers and Air Cooled Condensers
Air Cooled Fluid Cooler

Colmac AFV and AFH model air cooled fluid coolers are designed to provide cooling of Water,Ethylene Glycol/Water and Propylene Glycol/Water mixtures in a variety of closed-loop applications. Closed-loop cooling eliminates the cost of make-up water and water treatment associated with the use of cooling towers.

Air Cooler

Colmac standard and custom air coolers are designed for industrial and commercial refrigeration applications with 50 and 60 Hz operation, English and Metric units of measurement. They can be used with ammonia, halocarbon, glycol/brine, or CO2 refrigerants. Defrost options include hot gas, air, electric, or water.

Air Cooled Condenser

Colmac air cooled condensers are available in almost any configuration and footprint thanks to our parametric design system. Standard features include corrosion resistant construction, 3/4 to 135 tons of heat rejection, 1200 to 112,000 CFM, and versatile cabinet design for horizontal or vertical airflow. Low speed, fully guarded fans insure quiet operation.

Heat Pipe

Colmac heat pipe heat exchangers are designed for the commercial and industrial air-to-air recovery, IAQ and dehumidification markets. The heat pipe system is driven entirely by the temperature difference between two air streams. There are no moving parts, no maintenance; no external power required … just long life, problem-free operation.


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